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Area Rug Cleaning

We use the most advanced processes available for area rug cleaning in Las Vegas and Henderson to remove dirt and stains. We thoroughly clean your rugs and remove any soil, difficult stains, or odors. Click the button below or Contact us for a FREE quote today!

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Area Rug Cleaning

Many area rugs such as fine oriental rugs are very costly and are made from fragile natural fibers, dyes, and foundation materials that cannot be cleaned in the way we usually clean carpets. Gentler methods and more complex cleaning products must be utilized to avoid damaging the fibers and dyes. This also takes a lot more time. We use a unique and thorough high-volume clear water rinse extraction process.

Debris, allergens, dust mites, bacteria and more work down into the rug and vacuuming can’t remove all of it. Vacuuming your fragile rugs incorrectly can also damage them. All foreign pollutants in your rugs should be removed by professional cleaning on a regular basis to keep your rugs “healthy”.

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