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Our expert cleaning methods are safe for fabrics, don’t attract more dirt, have zero residue on fabrics and eliminate odors. Click the button below or contact us for a FREE estimate on our upholstery cleaning services in Las Vegas.

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Full Service Upholstery Cleaning in Las Vegas

We know how much you enjoy your furnishings and we are here to get them back into shape after the shenanigans. People don’t realize just how soiled their upholstered furniture is or how much dirt, allergens, dust mites, pollution and grime are on it. Gritty matter blows in through open doors and windows and impregnates itself on your furniture cushions and back. When you sit on the cushion the oils from your skin compress the dirt into the fabric where it’s almost impossible to remove with vacuum cleaning. With our stain and dust removal services, our team in Las Vegas can clean it up in no time!

Bacteria and germs are the result of soils that are not removed from furniture on a regular basis. The byproduct of decaying living materials decomposing is a foul smell that characterizes furniture that has not been cleaned regularly. If you have pets and kids your furniture needs to be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year. We can sanitize the contaminates as well as remove the embedded soil from the fabric on your furniture using are top of the line equipment and safe industry standard treatments.

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