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Bulldog Carpet Cleaning provides expert strip and wax for your hardwood floors. All hardwood floors need periodic waxing, so when you need it done right the first time, Call Bulldog Carpet Cleaning! Click the button below or Contact us for a FREE quote today!

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Strip and Wax Services

All hardwood floors need periodic waxing. Whether you have floors made from new or recycled wood or vintage floors that have been in place for decades, they all need periodic stripping and waxing.

You probably apply a wax or finish to your floor to give it a glossy, protective layer that keeps it looking good and free from scratches and stains. However, over time these layers wear down or become dirty and need to be removed before a new one can be applied. You could do the job yourself, but it is messy and requires some stripping equipment and becomes very time consuming.

Bulldog Carpet Cleaning is professionally trained in carefully stripping your wood floors and  reapplying a wax coating to bring it back to its original beauty. When you want to get your strip and wax done right the first time, take the hassle out of a do-it-yourself project and schedule your strip and wax today!

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