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With over 48 million households owning dogs and nearly 32 million who own cats, one of the most common searches in Google is “how to remove pet odors from carpet.”

One of our most frequently asked questions is: will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors?


The answer is yes. In fact there are many things you can do around your home that will help to minimize the odor. Regular vacuuming, mopping and dusting are easy ways to remove pet hair and dander from your floors, baseboards, walls and furnishings. The carpet in your home hosts dander and hair that can be deeply embedded into the fibers. Regularly cleaning your carpets can help eliminate pet odors in your home and hiring a professional to do it is the most efficient choice to take care of this task.


The cleaning products we use at Bulldog Carpet Cleaning are professional-grade products that are designed to clean down deep into the carpet. You can’t get the same result if you use a consumer-grade carpet shampoo machine.

Professional carpet cleaning equipment is designed to remove pet dander and hair while cleaning the fibers of your carpet. Equipment that is available for consumer use cannot compare to the amount of airflow and suction that gives you maximum lift for more efficient water removal from your carpets. Standing water is another reason for odors that plague your carpets leaving them with that rotten smell that is hard to get rid of.


At Bulldog Carpet Cleaning, we are proud pet owners so we can understand and empathize with your concerns about eliminating pet odors in your carpet. That’s why we use the most up-to-date and efficient cleaning products to remove pet odors.

The products we use are 99% green and leave no sticky residue in your carpets that can cause them to become dirty quickly. Have you ever cleaned your carpets only to find a few weeks later looking like you have not cleaned them at all? That is because many household cleaners leave a residue on the carpet fibers acting like a dirt magnet. The commercial grade cleaning products we use rinse out beautifully and will not leave behind any residue. Your carpets will stay fresh and clean for an extended period of time when you choose to have Bulldog Carpet Cleaning take care of the carpet in your home.


In conclusion, getting your carpets professionally cleaned is a great investment. You will spend less time trying to keep them clean and will eliminate pet odors in carpet that keep your home from smelling fresh and clean.